Rental, Staging & Lighting

We are Northern New Mexico's premier source for rental of all types of presentation equipment, serving many private and corporate meeting and conference locations in Northern New Mexico. Our extensive experience allows us to help you define what AV equipment and support services will best meet the requirements of your meeting or event, and make the best use of any particular site. AV Systems provides 24/7 delivery, set up, installation and support of our equipment.

Media & Content

Engaging media and content are vital tools in the business world today. We provide a wide range of audio and video recording, editing, production, media transfer and duplication services. Let us help you create the kind of content that will grab your audience at your next live event. We can offer a variety of products from professionally authored and packaged media to digital files ready for streaming on the web.

Video Conferencing

A variety of video conferencing services are available at our location or many Santa Fe area hotels and meeting facilities on a daily rental basis. These services save travel time and money, and allow lawyers, consultants, and other professionals to be more available to their clients. In addition, video conferencing offers many new possibilities for sales presentations, legal depositions, contract negotiations, job interviews, seminars and distance learning on a worldwide basis.


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